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How long will it take to receive my order?

Shipping generally takes 14-25 days for US delivery. For non-domestic countries (outside of the US) delivery can take longer, sometimes up to 45 days, depending on the location you are ordering from.

I only received half of my order. Where is the rest of it?

Sometimes we have to send orders in multiple packages due to product backorder. You may encounter this if your order consisted of one of our more popular products. Please do not worry though, everything you ordered will be sent to you. In the case of multiple packages being sent, we will always provide tracking #'s for each shipment.

I got a tracking number but I can't track it.

Sometimes tracking or "detailed tracking" will not become available until the package arrives in it's destination country. If your item consists of an item that is being sent from an overseas warehouse location, it may take 3-7 days before "detailed tracking becomes enabled". This is due to the package having to go through customs and crossing the sea, which is always the longest part of delivery. Once the item arrives in the destination country, delivery is usually VERY quick. The whole process generally takes about 14-25 days, depending on where your order is being sent.

I need an item sent before "X" date as a B-day/Holiday gift..

We do not recommend ordering package gifts unless you order at least 45 days in advance. Most packages arrive 14-25 days, but this is just an estimate and not guaranteed. If you are worried that your item will not be delivered before your predetermined deadline we simply recommend that you do not order.

How long will it take until I get a tracking number emailed to me?

Tracking numbers are sent out twice a week, and the email date is not always a reflection of when the item was sent out. If you haven't received an email confirmation with a tracking number yet, you should receive one very soon.

The tag on the clothing is not the same size that I ordered.

Please read our clothing size page carefully if you are interested in ordering any clothing.